Hi There Everyone…

Hi there everyone my name is Cheri. I started this blog because i wanted to share some of the funny and not so funny stories of pet sitting. Maybe some of you will have a laugh with me or at me either way you might learn more about the world or at least my world of pet sitting and choose to do it yourself…or not?

I kinda stumble into the world of pet sitting, partly through desire and partly through necessity… It’s a bit of a story but let me go back so I can start from the beginning….

2015 was not the best of years… I failed my 2nd round of IVF as a single women, this was not an easy project to begin, let alone deal with the failure of it a second time. That whole process deserves a blog of its own!!!

After a couple of months I was rewarded with the meeting a guy who would soon become my boyfriend. Things were going great and we were enjoying the “honeymoon” period. Then out of nowhere…he was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer at the age of 40.

Then I fell pregnant and miscarried at 9 weeks…!!! Not something i was emotionally ready to deal with, I soon parted ways with my boyfriend although we stayed friends and still are to this day.


Then my mum had her first ever operation at 68 after falling from her bike and breaking her arm. Liking the attention she then had 2 more operations, one being a hip replacement which was well over due. She recovered well from all 3 surgeries.

…and then

My biggest and sookiest dog Frank was diagnosed with bone cancer 😦 The tumor was a  fast growing nasty cancer which before long (approx. 6 weeks) had grown very large making it hard for him to eat. Having to make the choice to say goodbye is never easy but they tell you when the time is right. The love i had for this dog was incredible and the lessons he taught me priceless. A very sad day indeed.

It was time for a holiday…So i took myself to Bail for a month.

On my return, about 4 months after Franks passing, my other dog Jess was also diagnosed with bone cancer and she too passed away within weeks 😦  She was the perfect, never did anything wrong kinda dog and i loved her so much. I was now left with a big whole in my life and a sad heart.

To be continued….